The next step in Bira membership for hardware and DIY businesses

Mica is a co-operative group of independent retailers, who work together for mutual benefit. For over twenty years they have sought to drive down the costs of marketing their businesses by working collectively, drive up their margins by buying collectively, and sell smarter by getting together and thinking collectively.

Now also a division of the Bira group, Mica has the extra strength of the much larger British Independent Retailers Association, giving its members access to all the benefits of Bira membership too.

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Member Benefits

A unique proposition only available to hardware, DIY & garden retailers, Mica is well suited to both established businesses looking for the next step in a new direction, and new retail setups seeking extra guidance.

Some of the unique benefits of Mica membership include:

  • Customised consumer advertising, including brochure, PoS & digital
  • Regular in-store retail support & communication from our Retail Managers
  • Dividend payments, to member shareholders on group profits
  • Annual exclusive rebates, increasing your margins
  • Centrally managed e-commerce website potential revenue
  • White label own store website scheme
  • Exclusive Mica suppliers & terms
  • Free custom marketing including loyalty card scheme
  • Regular exclusive Mica events, in all four corners of the UK
  • Retailer selected & price set promotions

And these are added to the mix of everything you benefit from with Bira membership.

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Get 50% off your Mica membership

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Mica does not charge a membership fee. There is a one-off investment in Mica shares which forms the basis of your co-operative voting stake and dividend payment which members can utilize annually. These are redeemable, and no member can hold more than a fixed number of these shares. The investment can be paid upfront or by direct debit on a payment plan.

After that there are no ongoing fees to be part of Mica other than your Bira membership.

The benefits of the investment are rewarded with the personal service Mica’s smaller number of retailers benefit from.

The shared sense of purpose has down the years led many to become friends, as they work together to market their businesses, beating back whoever the latest entrant is into the DIY marketplace, knowing that together it’s easier and cheaper than they’d be able to individually.

Mica is open to any business that sells hardware / DIY / garden products to the general public. 

You must have at least one bricks and mortar business (or plans to open one) to apply, we are not open to internet-only traders, although many of our retailer members have e-commerce stores.

You don’t have to be an existing Bira member to join Mica, we welcome all stores, you’ll become a Bira member when you join Mica if you are not already a member.

All applications are subject to our approval process, including right of refusal by another Mica member if the store falls within their catchment area.

Mica builds into its co-operative constitution a strong respect for its existing members, whether they have joined six months or sixteen years ago. No existing members' rights shall be placed at a disadvantage by a new member so long as they follow Mica’s membership terms.

We hope this gives you the confidence that should you join the group, you could trust Mica to look after your interests too.

If you’d like to learn more, please complete the contact form. If you’re unsure if your business would qualify for membership, why not call us today for an informal chat on 01785 825 910.