Bira is at the forefront of championing the cause of independent traders and shopkeepers across Britain.

With a dedicated focus on revitalising and preserving the high street, our advocacy takes our collective voice to the halls of Parliament and into discussions with key stakeholders. Our campaigns cover a wide spectrum of issues crucial to the success of independent traders including: 

  1. Combatting the rising tide of retail crime
  2. Advocating for changes in legislation that promote fairness and flexibility
  3. Fighting for fairer business rates
  4. Overall reducing the regulatory burden 

Bira Manifesto, making the high street better

In a rapidly changing retail landscape, Bira advocates for the needs of independent UK retailers, committed to ‘Making the High Street Better.

By addressing the challenges faced by small enterprises, Bira uses advocacy, campaigning, collaboration, and engagement to help independent retailers thrive in a competitive market.

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Through our efforts, we strive to ensure that the heartbeat of our communities, the high street, continues to thrive and serve as a vibrant hub for local businesses. 


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Flower Shop owner and staff

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Business Rates & Taxation

Cash & Payments

Cost Burdens

Diverse High Street

Landlord & Tenant Act

Minimum Wage

Parking & Accessibility

Property & Place

Regulatory Burden

Retail Crime

Skills in the Sector



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