Tax compliance software

Avalara helps businesses of all sizes get tax compliance right by delivering a range of tax services and solutions.

Business Banking

Business Banking for small businesses from Starling Bank. With no monthly fees or UK payment charges. Apply for a free account in minutes – all from your phone

Commercial Rent & Lease Review Service

If your business is struggling and you are paying rent that is more than 10% of your annual turnover, Cedar Dean can help.

Private medical insurance

Hospital and Medical Care Association (HMCA) offers up to 40% discount on medical plans for Bira members, their families and employees.

Merchant Financing

Global Payments has partnered with Liberis, a leading merchant financial provider, to offer Bira members a Business Cash Advance (BCA) solution.

Small business loans

Adding value to Bira and it’s members by providing fast access to short term lending.

Opcharge - Electrical Vehicle Charging

Opcharge provides a reliable, accessible, and affordable electric vehicle charging network, including design, procurement and installation to operations, customer service and both proactive & reactive maintenance.

Delivery Platform

Delivery has become a necessity for many local businesses, yet it presents a significant challenge without the right tools and logistics expertise. That's where Evermile come in.

Coming Soon: Facewatch - Reduce store theft & create a safer environment

Facewatch is the UK’s only shared national facial recognition database.